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Blogiversary Presents

In celebration of a grand year of writing and posting and putting up photos, I am sending 4 loyal readers each a little present. Only three presents are shown here, but that’s because 1 friend is local, and she got hers before everybody else. Kristin…don’t spill the beans!!


Once I know they all have their presents, I’ll post pictures of the contents of these little packages!

Hyperbolic sunset pants!


What an embarassing dust cloud lurking beneath my sofa. Don’t look.

How cool are these pants?! My sister-in-law Natalie gave me the pattern last year for the Boogedy’s first b-day. She originally saw the pants in Craft: Magazine, but my boy was already too big for the published pattern, so she bought me the book. She gave me money to buy yarn, which I purchased in cream and dyed using kool-aid (see previous post).


The pattern was really easy. I had one tiny question and emailed the author, who assured me that I was doing it right. Before I seamed them, I handed them to all sorts of people to puzzle over, including these two teachers at my school, who wondered on what planet this “thing” would be a pair of pants (and possibly why I thought “sunset” was an appropriate “boy” color scheme).


The Boogedy was impatient with photography while I was snapping these photos, and got grouchy, but you need to see the difference between the front and back of these pants. Plus, you get to see Nat, the gifter of said pants.


Delaney’s Delight


My friend Jenn approached me last July about knitting a blanket for her little cousin’s birthday in September. A knitted blanket turned out to be prohibitively expensive (and time-intensive), so we agreed on the size/price/general color scheme (bright!) for a pieced quilt instead. Jenn’s taste seemed to lean toward geometrics and liberal use of stripes. She insisted that the quilt be feminine, but not little-girly, so that as Delaney grew, she wouldn’t think of it as her baby quilt.

delaney-detail-6-small-small delaney-detail-5-small-small

I enlisted the help of my mom and sister to help with piecing and binding this twin-size beauty, and had it professionally quilted by Sue’s Machine Quilting in Roy, UT. I was so pleased with this quilter’s work and speed!! I highly recommend her if you’re looking to have something quilted. I embroidered the label and appliqued it to the soft flannel back.


By the time we had everything figured out, we had to push our date to xmas, instead, and Jenn says that Delaney sat in the box on xmas morning and really was delighted by the present. I was so pleased, because I know that sometimes little kids can be so non-chalant about blankets, socks, clothes, etc.


Here’s me laying it out at my mom’s apartment:


Fingerless Mittens


I made these super luxury soft fingerless mittens for my friend Jenn in Half Moon Bay for xmas. She got them late, though, after a back injury mid-December seriously slowed down my crafting. She and I have been friends since we worked together at a small cooking school in Los Angeles a few years ago.

Jenn is a kind soul with a no-nonsense attitude. I made her these downy mittens because she seemed like she needed something soft just now.

I used a lovely heathered oatmeal alpaca yarn called Baby Twist, in a stretchy, one-size-fits-all 1×1 rib. By some stroke of luck, she says they match her winter coat perfectly!

The Happy Viking


Here Zach is in all his knitted xmas finery, plotting the next pillage. The hat is already his most complimented item of clothing ever.

The scarf is the Noro stripey fad that I first learned of through the Yarn Harlot. Kristin and I went shopping together, but used different colorways (her Ravelry link). We both made the mistake of reading “supplies: two balls”. She went back for more to match her first balls, but I decided to try a third colorway. It’s an interesting jog where the third ball meets, but I like it.

The hat is my own invention. I used Lamb’s Pride Bulky in dark gray for the beanie. The horns are crocheted from a skinny yarn Sonya gave me (koigu?) and stuffed firmly with fluff. I’m quite proud of the horns, especially that fact that I managed to make them the same size, when I never wrote down the pattern. Kristin and I spent ages cutting out napkins and thinking this thing through to get horns that curved this way! The braids are Cascade 220. The bolts are plastic buttons.

I’m working on writing up a pattern. Leave a comment if you’re interested!

Mid-week present!


When I got home last night, I found green padded mailer on the table from Maria! Maria and I worked together several years ago at ImagiKnit in San Francisco. She’s quirky. She’s fun. She’s a good cook. She read my post about how I’m always carrying my knitting around in the paper sack the yarn came in. She sent me this gorgeous reversible bag that she made!

It’s already holding my current project, which I’m afraid you just can’t see right now because it’s nearly x-mas, and the recipient of this knittery might just read this post! Ok, a little peek. This photo has better color, by the way:


Thank you Maria!!

Also, she sent me some scraps of some fat quarters she’s in love with. I’ll be finding some coordinating fabrics in my mondo-stash and sending her a little gifty right back.


Long-Awaited Present

In February of 2006, Zach’s friend Jeremiah came to Hollywood to visit us for the weekend. Zach and I had decided we might elope, if the time felt right. On a nice Sunday morning, Jer went online and got his minister’s license so he could officiate. When our regular Church of Brunch guests arrived, we told them that they were all invited to Griffith Park after brunch for an elopement party. Actually, we had told two close friends, Mike and Dorothy, about it ahead of time so they could be witnesses, but no one else knew.

Here’s a photo of us swearing our vows on a stack of pancakes (because we BELIEVE in pancakes). The Chibby ate most of them after the ceremony. Zach’s holding my bouquet because I was nervous and didn’t know where to put it while I was making my promises.

So anyway, I promised Jer a hat in thanks for his matrimonial services. He recently tried to talk me into felted slippers, but I just couldn’t bear doing another pair! So, he’s getting this awesome hat instead. The pattern is easy and FUN, find it at Spunky Eclectic. If Jer requests earflaps, I’ll post an update after they’re done.

Belated Birthday Yarn Fairy Gets a Belated Thanks

Kristin came to my birthday party in early July with three or four tiny samples of yarn she was spinning for me. They were some pretty two-ply loops that just gave me a tasty taste of what was to come. What came was beyond my wildest expectations! FOUR big hanks of homespun yarn. What a treat!

I taught Kristin to knit maybe 5 years ago. She has since become an excellent knitter, and a fabulous spinner. I am so pleased to be the recipient of this generous gift!

Kristin doesn’t yet have a blog, but she CAN be found on Ravelry. Often. Here she details her materials and methods. WOWZA. THANK YOU LOVE!!

Also, check out this sweater that she spun and knit for the Boogedy!

These yarns were photographed on a beautiful handmade quilt that my cousin Robin picked up at an estate sale years ago. Unfortunately, I don’t know any details about it! The skeins were also popular with grabby little fingers.

Quartet of Elf-Babies

So many new babies in the last year! I made a pixie hat for most. This rainbow hat is for my guy, whose sex was unknown until birth. You can see him in it here.

Boodedy Hat

My nephew’s hat was photographed atop an appliqu├ęd quilt made 25(?) years ago by my mom for her second granddaughter, Rachel:

Zyler hat

Rachel is the recipient of pixie hat for her own daughter, born in January. This is the detail shot so you can really see the colorplay.

Joy hat

Pattern Notes: I found the Crystal Palace pattern to be too big when I used Koigu yarn (my favorite yarn for this project). So I cast on only 78 stitches and followed the pattern in all other regards…perfect for a newborn head. My friend Kristin (a Delicate Genius!) agrees with me on this and also casts on 78. The pattern is easily resized by casting on a multiple of 4 plus 2.

I also found that the hat needed some way to hold it on! I started with skinny braided cords, but they were too long and cut into chubby soft baby chins. This hat has shorter i-cords that can just be tied and untied easily. I think this is my favorite option so far. I’ve thought of experimenting with tabs and velcro, but velcro gets unattractive quickly, and tying a knot is timeless!


Cozy Feet

Slippers sans feet

Zach has been begging for new slippers for months. The ones I made him 3 years ago finally wore out. So, I made a new pair from this pattern. It’s very easy to follow, once you put aside your doubts and just have faith that it will all work out in the end. I’ve made slippers for at least 4 people, including myself (and I rarely make anything for myself!).

I used Lamb’s Pride yarn, which produced that great fuzzy look.

They’re like Dr. Seuss feet!

Slippers avec les pies

The background here is a lap quilt I made years ago titled “Knock Knock, who’s there?, banana, banana who?, knock knock, who’s there? etc.” I gave it to my mom, who then admitted that it wasn’t really her thing and gave it back. That’s something I really like about my family. Rather than hanging on to something we don’t really LOVE for years and years, we’ll admit it and give things back so the maker can give it to someone who will treasure it. In this case, me! (I don’t usually allow anyone to stand on it, but the slippers were brand spankin new!)



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