Cozy Feet

Slippers sans feet

Zach has been begging for new slippers for months. The ones I made him 3 years ago finally wore out. So, I made a new pair from this pattern. It’s very easy to follow, once you put aside your doubts and just have faith that it will all work out in the end. I’ve made slippers for at least 4 people, including myself (and I rarely make anything for myself!).

I used Lamb’s Pride yarn, which produced that great fuzzy look.

They’re like Dr. Seuss feet!

Slippers avec les pies

The background here is a lap quilt I made years ago titled “Knock Knock, who’s there?, banana, banana who?, knock knock, who’s there? etc.” I gave it to my mom, who then admitted that it wasn’t really her thing and gave it back. That’s something I really like about my family. Rather than hanging on to something we don’t really LOVE for years and years, we’ll admit it and give things back so the maker can give it to someone who will treasure it. In this case, me! (I don’t usually allow anyone to stand on it, but the slippers were brand spankin new!)

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