Rainbow Dough

When Zach makes homemade whole wheat bread each week, he rolls the dough out flat and then rolls it up jelly-roll style. While he’s buttering the pans, the Boogedy stands at the table and picks at the warm, soft, raw dough. He adores dough (he calls it “du” and usually asks it as a question…du? du?). Once I gave him cookie raw cookie dough and he wouldn’t shut up about it for hours.

So when we told him we were going to sit down and play with play-doh, he got really excited. Zach cut up a box and made a play surface so we could all sit on the living room floor.  Obviously the Boogedy tasted the play-doh, and thankfully found that he didn’t like it. He spent a good 10 minutes putting the fresh, new dough cylinders into and out of their cans. Then he walked off. He had zero interest in color mixing, or the little gray snake I made with bright green eyes.

I think this activity was most fun for Zach, who relived one of his favorite childhood memories: learning about the properties of color in elementary school where every kid got a marble sized piece of four doughs, red, yellow, blue, and white. I think we’re both remembering so many wonderful learning experiences that we had as kids, and can’t wait to share with our son. I wonder what HIS favorite memories will be?

1 Response to “Rainbow Dough”

  1. 1 Zach Moses October 21, 2008 at 6:12 pm

    You forgot that the reason it was so fun to mix the colors was because I was not allowed to mix the colors as a child. That would ruin the play dough. Now that I’m grown I see that play dough is really quite affordable and not worth squashing someone’s creativity.

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