Stirrings-Mantel Display


I have really enjoyed my Stirrings Collaboration with new friend Jen from Painted Fish Studio, in which we’ve been looking for signs of spring. We’ve both known all along that spring comes sooner to Salt Lake City than to the midwest. So just as I’m thinking of wrapping up my contributions to the project, I’m looking forward to seeing more photos from her warming  climate.

In a time of year when I might have been discouraged or gloomy about the grayness of late winter, or the dampness of very early spring, instead I was encouraged to notice, to observe a quickening, to hope for small signs, and to share the sweet burgeoning of spring.  To me it has felt like a long, delicious season, when some around me are still complaining about the crispness at mid-morning.

Salt Lake’s spring is in full force, now. In bloom, in leaf, in music. From here, summer is so close at hand, a rapid ascent into often triple-digit clay oven conditions. Life is rampant and the birdsong is worth waking up for.

I want to thank Jen for co-publishing with me, and I hope to show you more of her thoughts and photos as winter withdraws from her neighborhood. I hope she feels spring as luxuriously as I have this year!

P.S. The flowers above sit on our new mantel, now installed in the great room, atop oiled floors and freshly painted buttery yellow walls.

We turned on the gas flame to test it and immediately turned it off: the season for that has passed. Something to look forward to in 6 months!


3 Responses to “Stirrings-Mantel Display”

  1. 1 painted fish studio April 23, 2009 at 8:18 pm

    oh sara, i have loved our collaboration! i had hoped that i’d be a better participant, i seem to be a space-case. but there is still spring to come here, and i definitely would love to see summer’s arrival to salt lake city! we haven’t yet explored planting our gardens, that’s always a joy, so there’s still more to come! i want to know what you’re putting into the soil… we hit 85 degrees today (and can you tell i’m celebrating with a bottle of chilled white wine?!), but we will cool down this weekend. planting won’t start until mid-may, so there’s a bit more collaborating to be had. it’s been so fun getting to know you, and seeing spring arrive earlier where you are! xo, me

  2. 2 Sonya April 27, 2009 at 8:52 am

    That’s a beauty of a mantle you have there and your floors? Like the burnished thighs of lithe Brazilian girls that throng the sands at Ipanema.

    • 3 ibbyskibby April 27, 2009 at 9:22 am

      Yes, and those Brazilian girls probably have just as “hand-rubbed oil” on them as these floors!

      The question now is, how much of this Brazilian girl do we want to cover up and protect with heavy carpets and clothing to maintain her purity and keep her unspoiled by worldly ravages? Or should a beauty like this be appreciated and lusted after, even at the cost of damage from the boys? Namely Mosca and his nails and the Boogedy and his Tonkas.

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