Failed Cozy Slippers

0 failed slippers (Small)

I swear to you that I have been lucky with this pattern before.  I’ve made these slippers SIX other times. The last two times were red and black ones for Zach and lime green ones for the Boogedy.

But this time I did three things wrong (at least).

* I forgot to add an extra row for wide feet.

* I did something to make the purple opening all crookedy.

* I must have missed another row that creates the lip to hold them on, because they just fall right off.

What does one do with adorable but ill-fitting footwear?

Also, since I made these for Zach as a father’s day present, but didn’t finish them til October, would I get credit for making a christmas present when I finish the replacement pair?

1 Response to “Failed Cozy Slippers”

  1. 1 maria October 15, 2009 at 8:50 pm

    Did you use the same copy of the pattern that you’ve always had? Or did you get a new copy recently? I ask because they’ve changed the original pattern at some point.

    I have not had any luck making those. Oh sure, they turn out fine, but they never fit the size foot they are intended for. Blah!

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