Spring?! what what What?!

No Way. No kidding? Do you know what these are, internets?

Those little devil horns are TULIPS. Coming up in my north-facing, house-hugging garden plot!

Just as I was feeling really repetitive in my complaints about winter, these little beauties show up and get me all excited.

In a few weeks, this plot will be FULL of fat-bellied, bubble-gum tulips that wear too much mascara. And this year, they get to share runway space with those skinny supermodels with great skirts, coral bells.

Hooray Spring!

1 Response to “Spring?! what what What?!”

  1. 1 jen February 12, 2010 at 9:13 pm

    no way. NO WAY! really?! that’s so awesome!

    we’re still under feets of snow. at this rate, i’ll see my tulips in june. sigh.

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