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Medusa’s Locks

Two weeks ago I reinjured my back (after throwing it out horribly in December and thinking I was fully recovered). Last weekend, Zach piled of huge stack of laundry on our bed to get it out of the construction zone downstairs. The idea of folding laundry, or even pushing it off the bed to lay down, was excruciating…it hurt just to climb into bed. I burst into tears when my sister Jeaka called to see how I was feeling. She picked me up and took me and the Boogedy to my mom’s to take a nap, then she came back to my house and folded and put away all the clothes.

She deserved a little present.


Mini Medusa tosses her head as if to say “No, I can’t go out tonight, I have to wash my snakes .”

This petite gorgon (mabye 2 inches high) is from Creepy Cute Crochet, a book that Jeaka had checked out from the library, and then loaned me with the intent that I might take a hint! The patterns in the book were super simple, and I learned a few new techniques! I used Koigu, of course. I love that yarn, I would have every color, if I could. And I’d never get sick of it.

Bohemian Baby


Thanks to Michelle at Green Kitchen for a fabulous tutorial on these sweater pants! I shopped at the local thrift store last weekend, and found the perfect sweater, but it was a women’s medium, MUCH smaller than her tutorial suggested. So, I couldn’t use the sleeves, but I was able to cut a pattern from the front and back of the sweater. I’ve never sewn pants before, so my mom had to help, because my brain wasn’t grasping it (again, that’s because I didn’t actually follow Michelle’s explicit and clear instructions).


Oh yeah, and the sleeves from this thrifted sweater are going to be a pair of trendy legwarmers for me. They are sure to be way cooler than the plum slouchy pair I had when it was actually the 80s.

Now my guy is a colorfully clad dreamboat. This bohemian outfit is finally something stylish enough to rival Sonia’s quirky kids. Yes, I did knit that hat. And that sweater (successfully put in a zipper, by the way!!). But those maroon curtains are original to our 90s luxury van. I wish you could see the big tv in there …(it’s true, I’m not the mom I thought I’d be…he watches Winnie the Pooh when he’s cranky).

Long-Awaited Present

In February of 2006, Zach’s friend Jeremiah came to Hollywood to visit us for the weekend. Zach and I had decided we might elope, if the time felt right. On a nice Sunday morning, Jer went online and got his minister’s license so he could officiate. When our regular Church of Brunch guests arrived, we told them that they were all invited to Griffith Park after brunch for an elopement party. Actually, we had told two close friends, Mike and Dorothy, about it ahead of time so they could be witnesses, but no one else knew.

Here’s a photo of us swearing our vows on a stack of pancakes (because we BELIEVE in pancakes). The Chibby ate most of them after the ceremony. Zach’s holding my bouquet because I was nervous and didn’t know where to put it while I was making my promises.

So anyway, I promised Jer a hat in thanks for his matrimonial services. He recently tried to talk me into felted slippers, but I just couldn’t bear doing another pair! So, he’s getting this awesome hat instead. The pattern is easy and FUN, find it at Spunky Eclectic. If Jer requests earflaps, I’ll post an update after they’re done.

Quartet of Elf-Babies

So many new babies in the last year! I made a pixie hat for most. This rainbow hat is for my guy, whose sex was unknown until birth. You can see him in it here.

Boodedy Hat

My nephew’s hat was photographed atop an appliqu├ęd quilt made 25(?) years ago by my mom for her second granddaughter, Rachel:

Zyler hat

Rachel is the recipient of pixie hat for her own daughter, born in January. This is the detail shot so you can really see the colorplay.

Joy hat

Pattern Notes: I found the Crystal Palace pattern to be too big when I used Koigu yarn (my favorite yarn for this project). So I cast on only 78 stitches and followed the pattern in all other regards…perfect for a newborn head. My friend Kristin (a Delicate Genius!) agrees with me on this and also casts on 78. The pattern is easily resized by casting on a multiple of 4 plus 2.

I also found that the hat needed some way to hold it on! I started with skinny braided cords, but they were too long and cut into chubby soft baby chins. This hat has shorter i-cords that can just be tied and untied easily. I think this is my favorite option so far. I’ve thought of experimenting with tabs and velcro, but velcro gets unattractive quickly, and tying a knot is timeless!


Cozy Feet

Slippers sans feet

Zach has been begging for new slippers for months. The ones I made him 3 years ago finally wore out. So, I made a new pair from this pattern. It’s very easy to follow, once you put aside your doubts and just have faith that it will all work out in the end. I’ve made slippers for at least 4 people, including myself (and I rarely make anything for myself!).

I used Lamb’s Pride yarn, which produced that great fuzzy look.

They’re like Dr. Seuss feet!

Slippers avec les pies

The background here is a lap quilt I made years ago titled “Knock Knock, who’s there?, banana, banana who?, knock knock, who’s there? etc.” I gave it to my mom, who then admitted that it wasn’t really her thing and gave it back. That’s something I really like about my family. Rather than hanging on to something we don’t really LOVE for years and years, we’ll admit it and give things back so the maker can give it to someone who will treasure it. In this case, me! (I don’t usually allow anyone to stand on it, but the slippers were brand spankin new!)

Happy Birthday Chicken Boys!

Same hat, different cakeMy son (on the right) and his cousin were born 5 days apart. I made each of them an Elf Hat for their tiny little newborn heads. Now they are celebrating their first birthday, and again I made them matching hats. We have to make them wear these things while they’re young and can’t say “no” or “hell no” or “mom, no way, I’ll look like a dork!!”

My hats were inspired by this pattern, though my decreases at the top are different (for that distinctive “chicken butt” shape). I crocheted the drumsticks because that was so much easier than knitting. The hats are some inexpensive cotton from JoAnns, because that’s the yarn I could find in this lovely “plucked poultry carcass” colorway.

Chicken Butt Hat DetailChicken Butt Hat