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Bohemian Baby


Thanks to Michelle at Green Kitchen for a fabulous tutorial on these sweater pants! I shopped at the local thrift store last weekend, and found the perfect sweater, but it was a women’s medium, MUCH smaller than her tutorial suggested. So, I couldn’t use the sleeves, but I was able to cut a pattern from the front and back of the sweater. I’ve never sewn pants before, so my mom had to help, because my brain wasn’t grasping it (again, that’s because I didn’t actually follow Michelle’s explicit and clear instructions).


Oh yeah, and the sleeves from this thrifted sweater are going to be a pair of trendy legwarmers for me. They are sure to be way cooler than the plum slouchy pair I had when it was actually the 80s.

Now my guy is a colorfully clad dreamboat. This bohemian outfit is finally something stylish enough to rival Sonia’s quirky kids. Yes, I did knit that hat. And that sweater (successfully put in a zipper, by the way!!). But those maroon curtains are original to our 90s luxury van. I wish you could see the big tv in there …(it’s true, I’m not the mom I thought I’d be…he watches Winnie the Pooh when he’s cranky).

Fruit Booter

My mom and I pieced this quilt for Zach for Christmas 2007. I am notorious for making quilt tops that then sit unfinished for months (or even years…see the story of the July 21st Header). Months ago I purchased backing (though not quite enough), batting (polar fleece), and cotton floss for tying. Then my house has been in such upheaval with construction and new roommates that I misplaced several of those items.

Truly, I forgot all about the quilt. Then all items except the floss were discovered in the bottom of the armoire, necessitating a trip to the fabric store for replacement floss and more backing.

Last week mom came over at 7:30am and spent the cool hours of the morning helping me tie the quilt on my driveway under the trees.

I went back the fabric store Saturday because I had forgotten to get material to bind it. I will post full pics when the thing is fully bound and labeled (should be done just in time to re-gift it to him for xmas). At that time I’ll tell you where this quilt’s queer title came from!

Forgive me while I write, once again, about chickens

Each winner of the chicken-naming contest received one of these handmade chicken magnets for their fridge. Meldrick (red), Lady Tremaine (aqua), and Ugly Betty (green).

The chickens are made from home-dyed woolen fabrics and felts, yarn, cotton floss, beads, sequins, and stuffin’. They have strong magnets sewn inside. This was a fun project for waiting in line at the DMV to register the van on April 30th.

Here you can see them together, holding up our household “star chart”. Our 7-year old great-niece lives with us and is such a picky eater; almost as picky as her mom! So we created this start chart so that they both can earn stars for trying new foods. When the chart is full, we have to buy them a prize! Zach and I earn stars for turning down foods that we really shouldn’t be eating (my chart should be full of donuts and breakfast cereal, but so far I haven’t turned down much!!)