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Mushrooms Received!

I had so much fun opening my box on Saturday!! Thanks to everyone who sent a mushroom my way, and especially to Sonya for hostessing, sorting, swapping, and making my spring day!

Look at these beauties!

From Deborah:





This fuzzy morel from Alison is the northwestern variety, a relative of my Rocky Mountain Morel:



From jennycno3, this realistic Wood Blewit:



This sparkly delight from Small Fox:



This soft lovely from Becka:


Tacky Fridge Magnet Swap!

A few years ago, my friend Alexis in San Francisco visited Europe. She asked what I’d like her to bring me. I said “Bring me the tackiest fridge magnet in the EU!”. She brought me this from Amsterdam:


It’s still the tackiest thing on my fridge.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about swaps, and had so much fun participating in  KnitSonya’s Handmade Mushroom Swap, that I’ve decided to host my first swap.

Rules of the Tacky Handmade Fridge Magnet Swap:

1. Each participant must make 5 fridge magnets, roughly identical. Each magneteer will receive 5 random magnets!

2. Magnets should be TACKY. Not merely lame like this one on my fridge:


Nor merely dorky like this one of me on the Santa Monica roller coaster in 2004 (back row):


2. BUT, Magnets shouldn’t be obscene. My piggy might push some people’s limits of acceptable fridge decor, but she’s ok by me. Please just use your best judgment on the line between tacky and inappropriate.

3. Magnets must be handmade.  The medium and size is up to you as long as they fit criterion 4:

4. Magnets must be functional (i.e., must hold up at least one photo or child’s drawing and must not be so heavy as to slide down the fridge)

5. Magnets must be mailed to me, postmarked by April 15 (tax day!) and you must enclose a priority mail stamp or appropriate postage to have your surprise magnets sent to you.

Email me if you’re interested! And, pass it on…We need at least 6 participants!

Chicken Butt Book and Hat

A few weeks ago, Erica Perl, a children’s book author, contacted me after seeing this post about a crazy hat I made last year. She has asked me to create something similar for her to wear while she does readings of her soon-to-be-released book, “Chicken Butt!”.chicken-book-small

Erica sent a copy of the book to my son, and it happened to arrive on his birthday last week (the big 2!).  I can’t wait to develop a new fuzzy hat to go with this adorable book. The silly text and great illustrations gave me a preview of our life two years from now when I have a joke-obsessed four-year-old.

Art Swap

A student at my school made a really cool scratchboard in art class.


It’s approximately 8 by 10 inches. Here’s a close-up of the peacock’s face:


I loved it immediately and offered a barter! I knit her this scarf in order to trade. Here is Madison modeling. Her hair is orange now, but I swear it has been every color in that scarf this school year!

M scarf

The chunky yarn is Ironstone Fun, and the skinny stuff is Shibui Silk Cloud that I got at a new local shop Blazing Needles.

Look at the little snowflake!!


Hooray for barter! I’m thrilled to hang this fancy peacock on my wall!

Morel Mushrooms!

I just finished my fungi for the Mushroom Swap!

Here is the handsome lineup, modeled against a luxurious black fur coat (my dog Mosca)


These fungi are perfectly camouflaged against the lovely, and sleepy, Ceenz-Bert:


Now to make some clever tags and send these babies on to their new homes!

P.S. Most of the roving is from Carolina Homespun, whose tiny  shop (whoa-sensory overload!) I visited last time I was in the Bay Area. The detailing on the caps is yarn from Kristin.