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Zach had a big piece of brown butcher paper left over from his kitchen-repainting project. (Pictures of the beautiful new kitchen soon! I’ve just been too busy actually using my kitchen and cooking foods that require more than one pot [mmm….green curry…] that I haven’t thought to photograph it.)

We gave the Boogedy a big piece of paper in his high chair and let him dip his finger in a little glass candle holder. He dipped and painted for a long time before Zach gave him a q-tip to try. This was successful for about 4 strokes, until this happened:



I may be a worry-wort about him falling off the bed, tumbling down the stairs, tripping on the jungle gym, eating solid food (yes, he is almost 2, and yes, he does have a whole mouth full of teeth), getting into the knife drawer, antagonizing the dog past that sweet soul’s endurance, and nearly everything else;

BUT… never let it be said that I’m squeamish about him drinking q-tip dunked scribble-water or eating week-old raisins from the playroom floor. Even those blanched almonds (that he still believes are COOKIES) from behind the tv. Zach and I were joking that the food would have to land IN the chicken poo before we’d get worried.

And then Zach admitted that he might still let the boy eat it, just to learn a lesson about eating things that fell in chicken poo.