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Squid in a Jar

squid (Small)

Last night my school held its annual science fair and I donated this RARE saltwater specimen as a prize. Little did you know that the Great Salt Lake, once famous only for its bouyancy and clouds of brine flies, is now the habitat of several species of cephalopods!

squid label (Small)

Can it really have been a full year since the last science fair, when I made a tiny octopus specimen in a jar?

Medusa’s Locks

Two weeks ago I reinjured my back (after throwing it out horribly in December and thinking I was fully recovered). Last weekend, Zach piled of huge stack of laundry on our bed to get it out of the construction zone downstairs. The idea of folding laundry, or even pushing it off the bed to lay down, was excruciating…it hurt just to climb into bed. I burst into tears when my sister Jeaka called to see how I was feeling. She picked me up and took me and the Boogedy to my mom’s to take a nap, then she came back to my house and folded and put away all the clothes.

She deserved a little present.


Mini Medusa tosses her head as if to say “No, I can’t go out tonight, I have to wash my snakes .”

This petite gorgon (mabye 2 inches high) is from Creepy Cute Crochet, a book that Jeaka had checked out from the library, and then loaned me with the intent that I might take a hint! The patterns in the book were super simple, and I learned a few new techniques! I used Koigu, of course. I love that yarn, I would have every color, if I could. And I’d never get sick of it.

Octopus Redux

The school where I work is having a science fair this afternoon (grades 7-12). I made this octopus as a prize for a winner or honorable mention in the “water quality” category. I have told them that it is a rare specimen from the Great Salt Lake, only two of which has been found before.

The brainiacs should be able to give your reasons why the salinity of the Great Salt Lake would preclude this type of lifeform. At which point I will reiterate their RARITY.

Brine Octopus

Brine Octopus

The Brine Octopus is a unique species from the Great Salt Lake here in Utah. I am sending him to my friend KnitSonya, in thanks for her hospitality over the Christmas break. This young male is a rare specimen for her Cabinet of Curiosities!

Brine Octopus’ head is about the size of a walnut. I used some Scottish Campion yarn (now discontinued) that has been in my stash for nigh on 8 years! I used a small (now lost) crochet hook, same one that created Hungry Octopus.

Hungry Octopus

Reef Octopus EyeReef Octopus

I’ve been a knitter for years; I used to teach beginners classes and private lessons at ImagiKnit when I lived in San Francisco. I’ve never gotten into crochet, prefering the look of knitted clothes. Just last month I started looking at arigurumi creatures and patterns online–finally a reason to crochet! I got lots of inspiration from Roman Sock and made a few of her sweet owlets.  This Octopus is my own first design. He is made of Koigu yarn, with a fairly small hook, though I lost the hook so can’t say for certain. This is his girlfriend.