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Chompers and Watchers

Cool: This craft project is hilarious! Thanks so much to BitterBetty for her creativity, a great blog, and for this excellent tutorial. Here are pics of the assembly line:

And photos of more creepy plants. The orchids “watch” the front door. The chomper guards the water fountain.

Dissapointing: I invited 5 people to my little craft party on Sunday, and everybody but my mom cancelled. Tis the season, I know. Fall means everybody gets sick. The way I usually structure these get-togethers is to have everyone pay a small (like $5) materials fee to offset the costs. So after my mom gave me $7 (she’s a good tipper), it meant I spent 23 bucks on styrofoam, paint, pipe cleaners, my first glue gun, silly vampire teeth, etc. About $18 More than I would have with my tight budget, if I’d known it was just going to be us.

I spent tons of time shopping for this project, and hours ahead of time pre-painting everything. Zim’s is going out of business, so I saved $$). I was really looking forward to social time with my friends around the hot glue gun, and potluck snackies. I don’t like sounding whiny, but making 36 chompers practically by myself was exhausting. Mom and I only finished two “watchers”.

Oh well. More chompers for me. Anybody have any pointers on making craft parties successful?


Octopus Redux

The school where I work is having a science fair this afternoon (grades 7-12). I made this octopus as a prize for a winner or honorable mention in the “water quality” category. I have told them that it is a rare specimen from the Great Salt Lake, only two of which has been found before.

The brainiacs should be able to give your reasons why the salinity of the Great Salt Lake would preclude this type of lifeform. At which point I will reiterate their RARITY.

The Boogedy’s Ark

My mom and dad made this wooden ark for me when I was teeny tiny. The ark has a hinged ramp, old rickety casters, and a nylon rope for pulling around.

Originally, the ark had an entire set of handmade stuffed animals (sewn by Mom), but only these two remain. The others were loved to death:

When my mom had grandchildren, she and dad made an ark for each of my brothers and sisters and their new little families. For that project, my dad cut out sturdy wooden animals and my mom painted them in fanciful colors. Now I have a set of those. The gallery below shows them up close.

I have hung onto this ark through countless moves, facing much mockery from Zach. But, he now admits my wisdom in keeping it. The ark appeals to every single child who has ever visited my home, and I always find the animals paired up and tucked into their stalls when kids clean up the set.

These last two photos show the interior loft and the little door for the giraffes to poke their heads out, respectively.

All photos are relatively low-quality, since the Boogedy races over to play with the ark any time I set up a photoshoot!

Forgive me while I write, once again, about chickens

Each winner of the chicken-naming contest received one of these handmade chicken magnets for their fridge. Meldrick (red), Lady Tremaine (aqua), and Ugly Betty (green).

The chickens are made from home-dyed woolen fabrics and felts, yarn, cotton floss, beads, sequins, and stuffin’. They have strong magnets sewn inside. This was a fun project for waiting in line at the DMV to register the van on April 30th.

Here you can see them together, holding up our household “star chart”. Our 7-year old great-niece lives with us and is such a picky eater; almost as picky as her mom! So we created this start chart so that they both can earn stars for trying new foods. When the chart is full, we have to buy them a prize! Zach and I earn stars for turning down foods that we really shouldn’t be eating (my chart should be full of donuts and breakfast cereal, but so far I haven’t turned down much!!)

Happy Birthday Chicken Boys!

Same hat, different cakeMy son (on the right) and his cousin were born 5 days apart. I made each of them an Elf Hat for their tiny little newborn heads. Now they are celebrating their first birthday, and again I made them matching hats. We have to make them wear these things while they’re young and can’t say “no” or “hell no” or “mom, no way, I’ll look like a dork!!”

My hats were inspired by this pattern, though my decreases at the top are different (for that distinctive “chicken butt” shape). I crocheted the drumsticks because that was so much easier than knitting. The hats are some inexpensive cotton from JoAnns, because that’s the yarn I could find in this lovely “plucked poultry carcass” colorway.

Chicken Butt Hat DetailChicken Butt Hat

Brine Octopus

Brine Octopus

The Brine Octopus is a unique species from the Great Salt Lake here in Utah. I am sending him to my friend KnitSonya, in thanks for her hospitality over the Christmas break. This young male is a rare specimen for her Cabinet of Curiosities!

Brine Octopus’ head is about the size of a walnut. I used some Scottish Campion yarn (now discontinued) that has been in my stash for nigh on 8 years! I used a small (now lost) crochet hook, same one that created Hungry Octopus.

Hungry Octopus

Reef Octopus EyeReef Octopus

I’ve been a knitter for years; I used to teach beginners classes and private lessons at ImagiKnit when I lived in San Francisco. I’ve never gotten into crochet, prefering the look of knitted clothes. Just last month I started looking at arigurumi creatures and patterns online–finally a reason to crochet! I got lots of inspiration from Roman Sock and made a few of her sweet owlets.  This Octopus is my own first design. He is made of Koigu yarn, with a fairly small hook, though I lost the hook so can’t say for certain. This is his girlfriend.