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Quartet of Elf-Babies

So many new babies in the last year! I made a pixie hat for most. This rainbow hat is for my guy, whose sex was unknown until birth. You can see him in it here.

Boodedy Hat

My nephew’s hat was photographed atop an appliqu├ęd quilt made 25(?) years ago by my mom for her second granddaughter, Rachel:

Zyler hat

Rachel is the recipient of pixie hat for her own daughter, born in January. This is the detail shot so you can really see the colorplay.

Joy hat

Pattern Notes: I found the Crystal Palace pattern to be too big when I used Koigu yarn (my favorite yarn for this project). So I cast on only 78 stitches and followed the pattern in all other regards…perfect for a newborn head. My friend Kristin (a Delicate Genius!) agrees with me on this and also casts on 78. The pattern is easily resized by casting on a multiple of 4 plus 2.

I also found that the hat needed some way to hold it on! I started with skinny braided cords, but they were too long and cut into chubby soft baby chins. This hat has shorter i-cords that can just be tied and untied easily. I think this is my favorite option so far. I’ve thought of experimenting with tabs and velcro, but velcro gets unattractive quickly, and tying a knot is timeless!