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Bawk Bawk-Finished Chicken Butt Hat

Chicken Butt Hat

Photo Credit: Jama Rattigan

Here is an adorable photo of Erica Perl, author of the new children’s book “Chicken Butt!” sporting a very cool hat made my yours truly.

Erica contacted me a few months back and asked me to make a hat modeled on the one I made last year for the Boogedy, but before the plucking.

The body and drumsticks are white cotton, “Luna” by Cascade Yarns. The feet are also Luna, and they’re crocheted around a brown pipe cleaner for stability. The “feathers” are a polyester fluff yarn but I don’t remember the name.

This project was fun every step of the way (ok, the feet were a challenge) and elicited lots of laughs from people who watched me make it on the bus!

Congratulations Erica on a fun book, I’m so glad you trusted me to design your reading hat!

Chicken Butt Book and Hat

A few weeks ago, Erica Perl, a children’s book author, contacted me after seeing this post about a crazy hat I made last year. She has asked me to create something similar for her to wear while she does readings of her soon-to-be-released book, “Chicken Butt!”.chicken-book-small

Erica sent a copy of the book to my son, and it happened to arrive on his birthday last week (the big 2!).  I can’t wait to develop a new fuzzy hat to go with this adorable book. The silly text and great illustrations gave me a preview of our life two years from now when I have a joke-obsessed four-year-old.

Used Book Find!

A few weeks ago my sister Marian came to town, so I took the day out to hang out with my sisters and parents. We went to our family’s favorite restaurant, El Matador, in Bountiful. It’s a Mexican restaurant owned by an Armenian family, and SO yummy. I practically grew up there; we celebrate every special occasion there, and it’s the first place we go when any family visits from out of town. Yum.

Zach doesn’t care for our family’s favorite restaurant. I joke that it’s a good thing we got married out of state, before I knew that he didn’t like El Mat. Otherwise, he might never have made it into the family.

After lunch we went to a great local used book store, The Book Garden, up the street a ways. I saw this cardboard box in the kid’s section and debated with myself for a good 10 minutes about whether I just HAD to buy the set. I’m on a tight budget. These books reminded me of the Childcraft Encyclopedia set (just like this!!) we had when I was young, which I would spend HOURS reading and thinking about. I wondered if my son would even care about this kind of thing when he gets older. My sisters said, who cares if HE’LL like it, YOU’LL like reading them all.

So, just as the decision clicked to buy the books, and I picked the box up to carry it to the cash register, my sister Marian pulled out a twenty and said “Here you go sweetie, A little present”. WOW! Such a nice treat!

The set was published by Children’s Press, Grolier, in 1974, and the covers and pictures remind me of my childhood.

Honestly, what sold me was the sweet volume about caring for animals.