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Mini cakes

A few weeks ago I made pancakes for a weekend breakfast. Nothing fancy, but I came across this funny memory:

P5300001 (Small)

You may be thinking that these are for the baby, but NO. They’re for the spoiled husband.

Foul Gluttony

blueberry 1 (Small)

I was inspired by this beautiful post at Bakerella to make some blueberry pancakes. I didn’t follow her recipe because I have my own whole-wheat, sugar-free pancake formula that my family loves. This is the blueberry-tastic pancake that Zach demanded:

blueberry 2 (Small)

It partially fell apart under its own weight during flipping, and never cooked all the way through. Zach ate it all anyway, claiming that the hot bursts of blueberry were his favorite part and that gooey pancake middles were fine too. I didn’t believe him.

A thick whole wheat pancake is pretty hearty, so I wouldn’t want to eat a pretty stack of them like Bakerella’s!