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Homemade Potstickers

I found a great recipe on SmittenKitchen for vegetarian potstickers. I made these for friends on Friday night, along with Thai green curry with veggies and brown rice and Tiramisu sundaes for dessert. Making these was easy once I got the hang of it.

The Boogedy made half-moon shapes using the biscuit cutter.

I forgot to photograph them cooked, but they were gorgeous and delicious and I will definitely make them again. I served them on a bed of  baby herb salad alongside sliced cucumber.

Also, here is how the Boogedy is styling his shoes these days. He calls them Times and Equals.

Perhaps you would also like some cat cuteness. This is Kirikou, the Catterfly, way up high.

I think you should also see the worst doggy haircut ever. Poor Chibberty got shaved on Sunday with worn out clippers. And we exposed all his old-man lumps; the indignity!

Whenever I take him outside, I feel really apologetic: to him and to passersby:

“I’m sorry.

My dog is really ok. He’s not so itchy now!

He just had a close shave with malfunctioning clippers.

He’s really very happy to be free of the winter coat…it’s 80 degrees out!

No, I don’t think he’s embarrassed.

I’m sorry, have you lost your appetite for potstickers?”