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Hyperbolic sunset pants!


What an embarassing dust cloud lurking beneath my sofa. Don’t look.

How cool are these pants?! My sister-in-law Natalie gave me the pattern last year for the Boogedy’s first b-day. She originally saw the pants in Craft: Magazine, but my boy was already too big for the published pattern, so she bought me the book. She gave me money to buy yarn, which I purchased in cream and dyed using kool-aid (see previous post).


The pattern was really easy. I had one tiny question and emailed the author, who assured me that I was doing it right. Before I seamed them, I handed them to all sorts of people to puzzle over, including these two teachers at my school, who wondered on what planet this “thing” would be a pair of pants (and possibly why I thought “sunset” was an appropriate “boy” color scheme).


The Boogedy was impatient with photography while I was snapping these photos, and got grouchy, but you need to see the difference between the front and back of these pants. Plus, you get to see Nat, the gifter of said pants.


Kool-aid? Never touch the stuff!

Sink Yarn

I never liked Kool-aid, even as a kid. But when I caught the internet-fad-fever to dye some yarn, I went right out and bought 10 packs.

My inspiration was Knitty, but for a tutorial on dying self-striping yarn I read Streets and YO’s excellent instructions and pics. It wasn’t until I was pasting in this link that I realized how similar my colors are!

The intended project is a pair of hyperbolic pants from this book.

Using 4 balls of super-soft Mission Falls 1824 Wool:

Plain Yarn

Here it is, strung between the high chair and a baby chair set atop the dining room table. I had to do this FAST, while distracting the Boogedy with a video. After this step I tied it loosely at close intervals with pearl cotton.

strung out

Then hung it up to dry under the carport:

carport drying

And here is curious Curly Coquinche, our friendliest chicken-lady, come to inspect my work:

curious curly