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Failed Cozy Slippers

0 failed slippers (Small)

I swear to you that I have been lucky with this pattern before.  I’ve made these slippers SIX other times. The last two times were red and black ones for Zach and lime green ones for the Boogedy.

But this time I did three things wrong (at least).

* I forgot to add an extra row for wide feet.

* I did something to make the purple opening all crookedy.

* I must have missed another row that creates the lip to hold them on, because they just fall right off.

What does one do with adorable but ill-fitting footwear?

Also, since I made these for Zach as a father’s day present, but didn’t finish them til October, would I get credit for making a christmas present when I finish the replacement pair?

Tales of a Bad (Overconfident) Daughter

felt hollow (Small)

A tale of woe. A tale of overconfidence. A tale of yet again saying “how hard can it be?” only to find out that I should have read up on it a little more.

So. I saw this beautiful tutorial over at Kleas. Felted beads…so easy that the preschoolers were able to do them. I thought, this is great, these are gorgeous, I will make these for my mom, who always wears interesting necklaces to coordinate with her outfits.

Such is my confidence in my fiber-wrangling abilities, that I waited until Mother’s Day morning before starting this project. My friend Kristin came over to help (I also consider her a specialist in wool control). She made the puffs.

felt tufts (Small)

I wetted and rolled a puff with a tad of soap. Ok, maybe too much soap. I labored alone in the kitchen, whining and wheedling that this was taking longer than I thought it would, and that the snakes weren’t felting properly. And that jeez, this is not working! Kristin felt certain that I was doing it wrong, so she came to the rescue:

felt process (Small)

She had no more luck than I did. Our snakes never did get firm enough; one felt hollow in the middle and the other had a permanent slit up the side.

felt snakes (Small)

When we cut the beads up, they were not as pretty as I had hoped. Worse, they started falling apart almost immediately. I am not as talented as the preschoolers at that other blog!!

felt beads (Small)

I ended up giving my mom a baggie full of vaguely bead-looking fuzz stuff. Happy Mother’s Day from your not-so-talented daughter.

Zach kept teasing me that I should have glued them and some gold-painted macaroni to a piece of construction paper and told her the Boogedy made it for her.

My mother, bless her heart, oohed and aahed and tried to think of ways to salvage them and still use them.

A good mom praises a good effort.

Morel Mushrooms!

I just finished my fungi for the Mushroom Swap!

Here is the handsome lineup, modeled against a luxurious black fur coat (my dog Mosca)


These fungi are perfectly camouflaged against the lovely, and sleepy, Ceenz-Bert:


Now to make some clever tags and send these babies on to their new homes!

P.S. Most of the roving is from Carolina Homespun, whose tiny  shop (whoa-sensory overload!) I visited last time I was in the Bay Area. The detailing on the caps is yarn from Kristin.

Knitting for a little guy is more fun

I have made so many pairs of these over the years, but always for grownups: friends, husbands (current and ex) and self. These adorable clog slippers for the Boogedy were the most fun.  They knit up Really fast…two days on the bus. I was so impatient during the felting process. They sat in my dish drainer overnight to dry out.

The Boogedy is unimpressed, as he is with all footwear. We tried showing him that mom and dad both have slippers. (the answer was NO: “nu-nu-nu!”). We called them “shoes” one of is favorite words (“shu-es? shu-es?”)–no. We said they were socks (sahs?), but he just didn’t buy it.

Zach then did what we used to have to do when putting on shoes of any kind. Shoving them on, then suspending him an inch above the floor and making him “run” throughout the house chasing the dog. This elicited giggles, and temporary forgetfulness of the shu-es. However, as soon as the fun stopped, those slippers had to come RIGHT OFF. We’ll try again everyday until he loves them as much as we love ours, or he becomes cognizant that we have cold hard wood floors.

FYI: I used this Fibertrends pattern, which I purchased at Black Sheep Wool Co., my favorite local yarn shop. I knitted them up using that gorgeous Cascade Quatro Yarn, of which I love every color!

Forgive me while I write, once again, about chickens

Each winner of the chicken-naming contest received one of these handmade chicken magnets for their fridge. Meldrick (red), Lady Tremaine (aqua), and Ugly Betty (green).

The chickens are made from home-dyed woolen fabrics and felts, yarn, cotton floss, beads, sequins, and stuffin’. They have strong magnets sewn inside. This was a fun project for waiting in line at the DMV to register the van on April 30th.

Here you can see them together, holding up our household “star chart”. Our 7-year old great-niece lives with us and is such a picky eater; almost as picky as her mom! So we created this start chart so that they both can earn stars for trying new foods. When the chart is full, we have to buy them a prize! Zach and I earn stars for turning down foods that we really shouldn’t be eating (my chart should be full of donuts and breakfast cereal, but so far I haven’t turned down much!!)

The lovely ladies (ok, they could still be gents)

Thanks to everyone who entered the chicken-naming contest! Here are the winners.

My sister Jeaka successfully named our suspected rooster, Meldrick the Magnificent. Meldrick is now practicing his crow, and will be leaving his sisters to live in Sandy as soon as he starts waking up our neighbors.

And these two dames are Lady Tremaine, Evil stepmother in training (on the left, Thanks Kaitlyn!) and Ugly Betty (suggested by Aunt Sue).

Winners, your prizes are in the mail! Sneak Preview: