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Adventures with My Sisters

I had fun with my sisters, Jeaka and Marian. They are so good to me! Here are a few of our adventures.

Heading to Blazing Needles, an amazing SLC yarn shop.

Going to Nothing Bundt Cakes with our sweet mama. We bought four flavors, then shared the quarters.

Visiting Orson Gygi, the COOLEST kitchen supply store Ever.

Super Auntie Jeaka and Super Auntie Marian took the Boogedy to a splash pool! Super Auntie Jeaka made visiting splash pools a priority during the Boogedy’s visit.

And near the end of the visit, Jeaka took him to Cookie Cutters to get his first ever haircut that I didn’t do myself. We chose to buzz it for the summer, which I think is adorable, but which he doesn’t like because he’s never had anything but long, “grupply” hair.

Here’s a picture of the big boy with his new “do”. We visited the playground near our old house, where we took him to play the first 3 years of his life. It hit home how big he is getting!


First Haircut

The Boogedy is almost 18 months old. I’ve had to cut his bangs many times to keep them out of his eyes, but I’ve never been able to cut the curls. Finally, in the heat of the summer (and due to his latest trick of smearing food in his hair when angry), I gave him his first haircut. I looked up how to cut a kid’s hair, decided that he’s not old enough to do that, and put him to bed and waited until he was out cold.


I turned him from side to side, trying to get it all even. Then I went downstairs and told Zach “I cut his hair.” Zach flipped out just a little, saying “you probably butchered it”, “I bet it looks like you used a bowl”, and “We never agreed that it was time to cut his hair!!”

I tossed and turned all night, hoping that I hadn’t made a horrible mistake and turned our beautiful baby into a doofus. When I awoke the next morning, I was looking at the cutest “big boy” on the planet.

Big Boy

Big Boy

So grown up! I told him I’m expecting complete sentences any day now.

I saved most of the locks. What I’ll do with the hair, I do not know. Put it in an acid-free envelope and file it after “umbilical cord stump” probably.