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Handmade Presents for ME!

Months and months ago I participated in on of those Handmade Pay it Forward gift exchange dealies on Facebook. I sent Sunshine a baby chick hat for her tiny daughter.

This weekend I received some handmade goodness in the mail from her!! Check out these cute and super strong refrigerator magnets.

My favorite is cake.

Now I can retire the ugly bottle opener and ridiculous knife sharpener that I had been using to hold up the Boogedy’s artwork!

Also, she sent this adorable garland that says “Frosty”.

I wish I had had time to take it to the beach and model it there! But here I am in front of my neighbor’s house, with their garden composed of vegetation that is considered “houseplants” in most of the country!

Also, Sunshine was kind enough to send me a jar of Mentholatum, which must not be popular in the south, because no one here carries it. A few weeks ago I had the worst cold, and all I could find was nasty ol’ Vicks!

Sunshine, this was such an awesome box to receive. Thank you so much for making me these gorgeous presents!

Tacky Fridge Magnet Swap!

A few years ago, my friend Alexis in San Francisco visited Europe. She asked what I’d like her to bring me. I said “Bring me the tackiest fridge magnet in the EU!”. She brought me this from Amsterdam:


It’s still the tackiest thing on my fridge.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about swaps, and had so much fun participating in  KnitSonya’s Handmade Mushroom Swap, that I’ve decided to host my first swap.

Rules of the Tacky Handmade Fridge Magnet Swap:

1. Each participant must make 5 fridge magnets, roughly identical. Each magneteer will receive 5 random magnets!

2. Magnets should be TACKY. Not merely lame like this one on my fridge:


Nor merely dorky like this one of me on the Santa Monica roller coaster in 2004 (back row):


2. BUT, Magnets shouldn’t be obscene. My piggy might push some people’s limits of acceptable fridge decor, but she’s ok by me. Please just use your best judgment on the line between tacky and inappropriate.

3. Magnets must be handmade.  The medium and size is up to you as long as they fit criterion 4:

4. Magnets must be functional (i.e., must hold up at least one photo or child’s drawing and must not be so heavy as to slide down the fridge)

5. Magnets must be mailed to me, postmarked by April 15 (tax day!) and you must enclose a priority mail stamp or appropriate postage to have your surprise magnets sent to you.

Email me if you’re interested! And, pass it on…We need at least 6 participants!