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Photos, some more than a month old, of our travel to SLC to visit my family and friends.

Kirikou helps pack the suitcase.

The Boogedy “does stickerin” on the plane. These are also the stickers that he and Uncle Craig put all over the coffee shop “where they don’t belong”. He and Craig are still giggling about this vandalism.

Flying over the Rockies, with snow.

Windmills on an ill-fated camping trip with Kristin. This is the point in the car ride where I started feeling carsick. I’ve NEVER been carsick and it was AWFUL. I’m sure it was compounded by altitude sickness. An hour or so later I was green and migrainey and begging to turn around and go back to Salt Lake. No desert redrocks on this trip, I’m afraid.

Mountains on the way to Brigham City to visit Aunt Sue. For a short few days I was granted shotgun after that miserable bout with travel nausea. Once my sisters figured out that my stomach was back to normal, I got wedged in the backseat next to the Boogedy’s unyielding carseat.

Riding Trax with the Boogedy and gawking at the sky-scrapers in the Big City of Salt Lake.

At the end of our trip, a beautiful lift-off from SLC.

The Boogedy noticed some stripes and I realized we here following someone else’s contrails!

Home at last. Look at that turquoise water! I would have made you look through stacks more pictures of my little island, but I didn’t have the window seat. I could only lean so much over the cute tourist from Buffalo.


Morning Trail 2

Here are pictures from this morning, a more gray day, but a little warmer. You may be able to spot the slight yellow tinge at the base of the mountains that signifies that, later in the day, there will be a pollution haze.

Here are the Canadian geese in the wildlife preserve. This section of trail smelled like duck poop.

A shot overlooking I-215 from the 4100 South bridge. I felt a bit of vertigo and had to refrain from throwing my camera over the edge, something a tiny part of me always wants to do when standing up high.

As promised, a shot of me in my riding gear. I have on santa boots, wool/silk socks, thermal pants, pajama pants, a tank top, a thermal top, and a 2-layer coat. I also wear a nifty orange balaclava.  I am NOT cold. With my lights flashing, I just hope people notice me!