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A Youthful Perspective

When I was little, I spent so much time laying on the ground staring up at the sky.

The other day I reminded myself to do that.

Last Harvest


Two Sundays ago Zach and I went to our neighbor’s house and cleaned the last of the apples off his trees. We’d already had a few frosty mornings, so we were worried that we wouldn’t be in time. Lots of the apples were moldy, bird-pecked, or worm eaten, but Zach was still able to make applesauce, fresh juice, and dried apple rings from the good ones. They’re small, but SO delicious, and Zach processed three boxes worth.


The Boogedy enjoyed the hour or so we spent under the trees, he just kept eating big bites from the apples we picked, and throwing them back in the boxes. We made those ones into juice. We had the boxes of apples in our entryway for a few days, but kept finding them tossed onto the stairs and under the stairs and into the dog’s bed. The Boogedy’s getting diaper rash from eating so many.