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Paint Your Own Mugs

A few weekends ago I went to Honest Works for Paint Your Own Pottery Day. I squirted out a bit of every teal, turquoise, aqua, and green that they had and made a stripey mug and a dotty mug.

The Boogedy painted his tile very quickly, and I had to really rush to get my two mugs finished before he broke anything in the studio while horsing around with his friends. I love the insides of these mugs!

I attempted a maker’s mark on the bottom with my initials and a snail.

Afterward, I took a deep breath and took the Boogedy and his friend S. to the dog beach to relax and swim. These boys crack me up!




I made potato stamps (“stampeters”) for the Boogedy today. I gave him nice, orderly dollops of “peent” and actually heard myself say “don’t mix them.”

Then I realized it was silly to even want that. I told him it was fine to mix any color and told him that they would turn brown when all together. He wasted no time finding that out.

But then I dragged the paintbrush over his “brown peent” and found the hidden rainbow. And it was beautiful.

And we thought it was interesting to see what happened when we took this frozen strawberry from the freezer.

Day 913


Zach would like me to title this post: “Two and a half years after buying the house, Sara lifts a finger”.

I would like it known that, last year, (day 600 ish of our mortgage) I did some touch-up painting on the floor of the east bedroom, where the paint had run under the tape. I’m not a complete layabout. And one time I stabilized the ladder while Zach worked. And I scolded the dog after I accidentally let him run across the newly oiled hardwood floor.

Zach said that priming these shingles was making him suicidal and he kept howling his displeasure from the back room. He threw his paintbrush in a fit of pique. So I took over and quite enjoyed it. Zach believes that is because half  the job was done before I arrived on my white horse.

My insistence that the task wasn’t so bad caused me to get saddled with the actual painting of this wall, which will happen next weekend, supposedly. If I choose not to apply a coat of paint, it has been threatened that my new large craft room will be relocated to this tiny (5′ by 8′ ish) room the color of…. let’s see… cigarette white tinged with yellow.