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Jordan River Ride

I am working on a new challenge where Zach will give me a smiley face sticker if I ride at least 6 miles in a day. After 20 smileys, he’ll take me out to eat! So, on Saturday I got up before the boys (at 8:30) and got on my bike to go for a ride by myself. Under normal circumstances, I would have waited for him, but his ankle is twisted and I knew he wouldn’t be up for towing the Boogedy in a trailer.

I rode good and hard on the outward 3.5 mile leg of the journey. When I reached my destination and found this gorgeous yellow tree, I decided to photograph the pretty stuff all the way home.

jordan-yellow (Small)

There was a pink tree:

jordan-pink (Small)

And this nifty rusty bridge that made the best clunkety noise when I rode across.

jordan-bridge (Small)

Here I am stopped on the bridge:

jordan-bike (Small)

I think this might be a beaver dam:

jordan-dam (Small)

Here are at least three varieties of grasses, all contraindicated for inhalation up my dog’s nose:

jordan-grass (Small)

I want you to know that I faced my fears and stepped out upon this grate-topped walkway over the river for blog’s sake.  I am showing you my dorky riding pants and socks because I have no shame.

jordan-feet (Small)

The view from there was grand and it was LOUD.

jordan-river (Small)

Another pink tree:

jordan-pale pink (Small)

Some Russian olive trees and thistle with some blue wildflowers. Those Russian olives are the bane of my mom’s existence.

jordan-greens and blue (Small)

A spot of deep shade, at least 5 degrees cooler in here.

jordan-deep shade (Small)

I went home and ate sauteed tilapia and green salad and a strawberry kefir smoothie. I lovely start to the day. You can believe that I took a long nap that afternoon.