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Jonquil Shrug

A present for Alexis, a shrug made of pale jonquil Euroflax linen.

I had to wet it down and block (stretch) it out to dry to give it shape:

Putting dozens of pins in the bed made me a bit nervous, but I got them all up.

I made and sent this ages ago, but forgot to post pictures because I was waiting for her to wear it and show me! I can wait no longer!

This was a fun, easy knitting with a free pattern from my local yarn shop in Key West.

Chibby’s Mantle of Responsibility

I like this photo because it makes my fellow look like a tired old crone. I hope this stole looks better on me.

I bought this gorgeous Malabrigo Silky Merino yarn in December in San Francisco and fretted for a long time about the perfect project. I settled on this ladder stitch design that was a great mindless knit for the bus commute. It seems that it will get plenty large once I block it.



P.S. Here’s the view from my kitchen skylight today: