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Early December

A handmade sign, appearing quite a distance before the “official” sign.

The rock piles at this beach.

Also along that stretch of shore is an amazing driftwood structure. A multi-room layout, with dry-laid rock slab walls and firepits. It was beautiful, and I thought at once of my friends Caleb and Janeen, our wonderful roommates from Utah, and how they might like to come live in this large, airy house.

The funny thing is, I completely failed to see this structure the first time we went here. Even though I used some of the driftwood to steady myself on the rocks. I thought it was just some dead trees.

And just look at this adorable, grumpy-wumpy Teddy Bear, clutching his…dying bee?! Aack!

Zach took the photo above, as I was too wigged out by the multiple beady button eyes. I imagined the thing growling to protect its prey. Zach took the time later to google Florida spiders, and determined that this is the jumping variety. Did you ever have post traumatic stress from something that Could have happened?! *shudder*

This is me and the Boogedy throwing fish food into the shark enclosure at the aquarium. The fishies are going crazy for pellets, while the shark slowly circles at the bottom, hoping someone will start dying or at least bleeding sometime soon.

On Saturday I noticed that the town was bursting with people in khaki shorts and white t-shirts, so we went to gawk at the immense cruise ship at the dock. Those ropes are the diameter of my calves. It is a trick of photography that may make you think my legs are bigger than the Boogedy’s head.

P.S. I am amazed at how many restaurants and bars invite you to bring your pet. Here is the Chibberty, salivating at the BBQ smokehouse at the Geiger Key Marina. He had quite a bit of pulled pork.