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Family Weekend

On Wednesday, the Boogedy was babysat and we walked to our beach for a lovely sunset

And went to dinner at a Japanese steakhouse, where they cook the food on the grill at your table. I did not photograph the chef, but will show you the fountain outside.

On Thursday, we found a listless frog on our porch. He allowed his head to be pet, and I picked him up and placed him under the bushes. He wasn’t there on Friday.

On Friday I took Zach a picnic lunch at work. It was pouring rain, so we asked permission to sit at one of the tables outside the coffee shop, under the eaves.

On Saturday, we rode our bikes hard for 8 miles, then stopped at Thomas’ Donut Shop across the street from the beach.

And tried something I’ve never seen in donut form, Red Velvet.

We bought an umbrella because the rain has started to be just a little chilly, and it looked like it wouldn’t stop.

While we were at the farmer’s market picking up raw milk, the Boogedy rolled down the grassy slope in the rain, getting completely soaked.

There was some puddle twirling and jumping.

And we grabbed Pizza at Brunos, which has the most wonderful garden/swamp in the back of the building.

To finish the day, the dog was wrapped in blankets and piled with pillows.

And dad was forced to take his own medicine: The Bravery Test.


A gift from Alexis

Look what arrived for us yesterday! Well, I say us, but I know who Alexis had in mind when she picked this out…

Alexis knows my weakness for cooking gadgets! This is adorable, and it goes really well with the Matryoska dolly that my friend Sonya gave the Boogedy for Christmas!

When Zach and I first moved in together in San Francisco (near Japantown), Alexis was our sweet, smart, funny upstairs neighbor who befriended me and Zach, and claimed to love Zach’s guitar solos that snuck into her apartment by wafting up the light shaft and floating through her open windows. He even wrote a song to encourage her to try online dating titled “Meet me at Hot or Not.”

That was nearly 5 years ago, but we’ve kept in touch with Alexis and we always visit her when in SF, and we all admire her classy personality, fashion, and swank apartment with the best view of SF anyone could ask for. She has a cool, witty husband, too, who I still think of as her “new boyfriend”.

Now, it’s her turn to come visit us so that I can use these measuring cups to make her some green curry with jasmine rice!

Alexis found this cool present at Dream in Plastic.

Staying Entertained

Two things we’ve done lately:

Bowling with bumpers and a ramp:

The Boogedy believes that the best and most magical part is when the ball comes back!

Making our own beanbags:

Little fingers helped fill the bags with weevily chana dal:

Finished products (2 of polkadot/cupcake, 2 of lime checks/stripes, and 2 oranges/sunset plaid)

Playing toss, and trying hard to understand why we have to stand way over here on this paper and can’t just drop them in from above:

Fingerless “Blitz”ens

These wild-lighting mittens have to be the prettiest thing I’ve ever knitted. And they have the added bonus of being for ME!

Problem 1: They’re really snug, but maybe they’ll stretch out a bit…please?

Problem 2: I’m moving to Florida, where I doubt I’ll really need these wooly wonders.

And before you ask, no, you can’t have them. They’re too small for you, too!

They’re coming to Florida with me. I’m hoping for another freak winter that freezes the iguanas out of the trees in Miami.

For the knitters: I used less than one ball of Schoppel Wolle Zauberball in color “fuchsienbeet”. That color name cracks me up. I used size 1 needles, knit the mittens flat, and seamed them. I made up this pattern, and it was really easy.

Update: I didn’t take them with me to Florida. I faced the music and admitted they were too tight. I gave them to a teenaged niece and hoped she wouldn’t outgrow them too fast! I have never needed mittens since moving here.  I did, however, bring the leftover yarn! Check out the baby hat I made with it here!

Sibling Rivalry

The Chibberty is such a kind, sweet, patient dog. But he’s still jealous of the little fellow who came along. Any time we drop the Boogedy off at Grandma’s house, the dog must situate himself in the carseat.

Roast Turkey Butt Hat

Zach’s been asking me for a grown-up version of the chicken butt hat I made for the Boogedy. He got it for xmas. ON TIME. I was madly sewing in ends on xmas eve!

Failed Cozy Slippers

0 failed slippers (Small)

I swear to you that I have been lucky with this pattern before.  I’ve made these slippers SIX other times. The last two times were red and black ones for Zach and lime green ones for the Boogedy.

But this time I did three things wrong (at least).

* I forgot to add an extra row for wide feet.

* I did something to make the purple opening all crookedy.

* I must have missed another row that creates the lip to hold them on, because they just fall right off.

What does one do with adorable but ill-fitting footwear?

Also, since I made these for Zach as a father’s day present, but didn’t finish them til October, would I get credit for making a christmas present when I finish the replacement pair?