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Maximizing our Beach Time

Today was Zach’s day off, so we went to the beach…the same place he works all the other days.

8am-Sunnyside Beach, 5 mins walk from our house

9am-Rosemary Beach, where Zach works

9:30am-The gulf was glassy today, perfect conditions for me to learn how to do this:

10am-The Boogedy says “My feet are Dancin’!”

Then we spent the afternoon resting up for an evening stroll

Questionable Color Scheme

This is the linoleum in my dining room:

This is why Floridians think these colors go together:

Morning Trail

After a month of filthy air, and lung infections, and feeling like going outside would cause me to get asthma, I finally felt ready to ride again this morning. Here’s a 7am shot from the street, before I got onto the trail. At this point, I was going into a coughing fit, but by the end of the ride, my lungs were fine.

The air was clean and crisp, and the sunrise was gorgeous.

I’m outta shape, though, so I only made it 9 miles, than hopped on the bus up a little hill for the last mile. One of these days I’ll snap a photo of myself in all the gear that I pile on in order ride in 28 degree weather (I don’t have fancy gear, just lots of layers).