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I made potato stamps (“stampeters”) for the Boogedy today. I gave him nice, orderly dollops of “peent” and actually heard myself say “don’t mix them.”

Then I realized it was silly to even want that. I told him it was fine to mix any color and told him that they would turn brown when all together. He wasted no time finding that out.

But then I dragged the paintbrush over his “brown peent” and found the hidden rainbow. And it was beautiful.

And we thought it was interesting to see what happened when we took this frozen strawberry from the freezer.

Baking Experiments

Yesterday I made homemade crackers from this recipe. These are far better than storebought and easy too!

I made 9 of these long crackers, and seasoned each batch differently! Then put them in baggies and froze a bunch of dough for later.

Then I made a nectarine galette, roughly following this recipe, but using honey instead of sugar. It was perfect for me… I love crust and this was one of my flakiest ever. But Zach prefers filling and found this tart to be too dry. I didn’t do a jam glaze, and probably should have.

A tart that pretty was clearly made for showing off, so we took it to our friends’ house and served it with ice cream while the fellas drank short glasses of bourbon, or whiskey, and expounded upon the differences thereof.

Spring?! what what What?!

No Way. No kidding? Do you know what these are, internets?

Those little devil horns are TULIPS. Coming up in my north-facing, house-hugging garden plot!

Just as I was feeling really repetitive in my complaints about winter, these little beauties show up and get me all excited.

In a few weeks, this plot will be FULL of fat-bellied, bubble-gum tulips that wear too much mascara. And this year, they get to share runway space with those skinny supermodels with great skirts, coral bells.

Hooray Spring!