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Homemade Pop Tarts

I made these at the beginning of May, and forgot to post the pictures! I’m sure I didn’t post them because I made a ridiculous mistake in the baking, but I thought that you deserve to see:

I forgot to eggwash the tart tops until halfway through baking so I thought, “oh, I’ll just put it on now”, not realizing that the hot tarts would instantly scramble the eggs. *unappetizing*

Other than their unattractive appearance, these poptarts were fantastic! SOO much better than the storebought stuff. And easy too! For this first try, I just used strawberry jam, so that I would be able to truly compare to the commercial version. But then I couldn’t help it and I used some whole wheat flour for deeper flavor.

Now I want to make poptarts with all different kinds of stuffings, especially a savory version with pesto.

This awesome recipe came from Smitten Kitchen, a really beautiful foodie blog, whose recipes are also delicious.

Lemon Heart Tart


Here’s a photo of the lemon tart I made using this great-sounding recipe from Smitten Kitchen. I’m sure the recipe is wonderful…but since I used a mixture of powdered sugar and honey on hand (no regular sugar), I’m equally certain that whatever went wrong was my fault. Plus, I don’t like it when people complain about recipes when they made all sorts of modifications.

I used meyer lemons. Turns out I am of the camp that should have used a regular lemon, I would have preferred more tartness.

The crust I did exactly as instructed and it was ok, a bit stiff, so I think if I do this crust again, I will press it in, rather than roll it out.


It was pretty though! I’ll say that. And actually, improved with age. Two days later the leftovers are Yummy.